• Rachel and Scott MacClean

The Company

Redline Plumbing Pty Ltd (Redline Plumbing & Contractors) was established in 2007 by Scott and Rachel MacLean. It is now a 100% indigenous Australian owned multi disciplined business which has been operating in Darwin and is now expanding into its home-state of Queensland in 2016. The strong performing and ever growing business now offers highly reputable plumbing solutions for temporary and permanent housing, construction/industrial underground services and water pump solutions in remote locations; as well as ea
rthworks, haulage and cartage services.

The expansion to Queensland is part of realising a 10 year business strategy; servicing projects to develop Northern Australia and along the East Coast.


Redline Plumbing is a member of the Indigenous Business Network, Supply Nation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander network, and is listed on the Black Business Finder.

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