More than just a plumbing company… Redline Plumbing has a wide variety of earthmoving, transport, material handling and plant equipment for a vast range of related industry groups.

Our extensive fleet of machinery and equipment enable us to provide an immense variety of earthworks and excavation services in addition to our plumbing capabilities.

Redline Plumbing can also help maximise your productivity with their new ‘Hire’ option. When projects get busy, simply contact Redline Plumbing to increase the amount of equipment (and/or operator), and send it back once the job has been finished.

Redline Plumbing have experienced personnel to operate, service, maintain and repair or recondition our equipment in house or on site.

A Look at Some of Our Available Equipment:

Hydraulic Excavators

  • 5.5 Tonne
  • 8.5 Tonne
  • 20  Tonne
  • 30  Tonne


  • Prime Movers
  • Body Trucks
  • Water Carts


  • Side Tippers Trailers
  • Flat Top Trailers and Machinery Floats
  • Dollies
  • Box (Service) Trailers



Redline Plumbing has the proven ability to provide additional machinery upon request.